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Artist Name: Mike Shammo
Website: mikeshammo.com
Residence: Milwaukee, WI
Genre: Pop - Rock - Alternative - R&B -  Adult Contemporary 

Short Bio:

Mike Shammo is an independent songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a rooted passion for rich storytelling, psychedelic sonic textures and high-energy nostalgic arrangements. His major influences include Michael Jackson, Tame Impala, The Weeknd, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and many more. Mike aims to create high-energy songs within the digestable framework of popular structures while also including experimental and avant-garde subtleties that allow for an aura of uniqueness. “We’re just getting started.” -says Mike. “I have full faith in myself and my art. I believe there is a massive audience for what I have to offer. The perfect mixture of the nostalgic and fresh.” 

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Below you will find various banners and logos for Mike Shammo as well as his associated brand: MAGNAFIDE


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To receive any mp3’s or WAV files of my music please email me a request here: shammo.mike@gmail.com

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